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Titolo Autore Strumento Estratto da
Edizioni Bpm Durata Play

Cosmic Tide

  Gaetano Pellino Guit, Bass, Key, Perc... Cosmic Tide
Yes Slow 3.50

Running Blue
  G. Cavalli Guit, Key, Bass, drum Blue Ethno Grooves
Yes Middle 4.35
Octopus   Bonivento Hammond, harp, Drums
The organ is mo' Yes Middle 4.40

Chimes In Space

  Luigi Mazzesi Keys, Perc, Synth...
Chimes In Space
Yes Slow 3.28

It Will Never End

  Gili - Fizzotti
Guit, Vox, Bass, Hammond Movin' On!
Yes Slow 5.58

In The Night

  Martin Guit, bass,Key, Drums I Will Find You
Yes Slow 3.14

Goodnight Destiny

  Rossi Guit, Bass, Drums, Key
Victim Of The Past
Yes Slow 3.06